How to Secure Notes in Noteshelf?

Noteshelf can be used by students, interns, professors or just about anyone who takes notes regularly. You can seamlessly capture information through beautiful handwritten notes, typing or recording and automatically backup your notes to Dropbox.
However, some organizations and even individuals wish to secure sensitive notes. This is where Noteshelf is extremely beneficial as it helps secure all your sensitive information using a passcode. For anybody who considers data security paramount, here’s how easy it is to secure your notes using Noteshelf.
Securing Notes with a Passcode
1. First click on the Notebook you would like to secure and continue clicking till you see the Edit icon on the Notebook.

2. Tap on the edit icon. Select the Passcode from the pop-up icon on the top right side.

3. You can now enter your 4 digit passcode twice and easily secure your notebook. Next time you try to open your notebook, the popup screen prompts for the passcode.

A word of caution, though; it’s important to note down your passcode in a safe place in case you forget since forgotten passcodes cannot be recovered.

This is an easy and quick way to secure your notes in a jiffy. All your important and sensitive notes are safe and can’t be accessed without a passcode. Even sharing of these protected notes is possible only when you enter the passcode.
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