6 Reasons Why Digital Handwritten Notes are the Best

Taking notes is a critical part of any student’s life but it’s important not to get lost in a sea of information. Here’s where technology has brought convenience into students’ lives. It’s not surprising that notes taking has migrated digitally, shifting away from the hassles of traditional pen and paper. Digital note taking has revolutionized the way students are taking notes in class, by combining the benefits of technology and handwritten notes. Here are six reasons why you should go digital with your notes:
1. Capture Lectures along with Notes
Traditional paper and pen allow you to capture notes easily.But there’s always the possibility of missing out on something important when noting down in a hurry just to keep up with the lecture pace. Digital note taking apps help solve this problem. You can capture audio as you jot down notes making it easier to recheck later in case you've missed something. You can also play them out at your convenience (which is a great help for audible learners).
2. Plenty of Storage space – never run out of paper
Tapping on the advantages of cloud storage, digital note taking through apps helps store huge amount of information. Note taking apps also work with all cloud services making your iPad a one-stop shop for all your notes. Now all you need to attend classes is a light-as-air iPad or tablet making it much easier to give heavy paper notebooks a miss.
3. Organize your notes the Easy Way
When you deal with multiple subjects and classes, organizing your notes at the end of a long day is pretty tiring. With digital notebooks, you can organize and rearrange your notes to your convenience. Many note taking apps like Noteshelf actually allow you to add notebooks within notebooks. You can also maintain separate notes across subjects, sketches, meetings and so on. These apps allow you to customize notebooks covers, paper templates and personalize your notes.
4. Easy Search Options
Another obvious reason students can adopt digital note taking is the ease of searching. You can completely avoid flipping through pages just for that one bit of information and base your search on keywords, phrases and so on. Easy, isn’t it?
5. Access from Anywhere
Since all your notes can be synced and connected to cloud services, accessing them from any device or the web shouldn’t be a problem. That’s a feature which is extremely useful for those on-the-go.  
6. Simplified and Quick Sharing
Sharing of notes in today’s classes is essential as a part of online learning and discussions.  Sharing or exchanging notes helps build healthy professional relationships with your colleagues and classmates too. And digital notes have completely redefined how easily and safely you can share your notes via email, Facebook or Twitter. If not, you can simply sync your notes with platforms like Evernote or Dropbox as well.

Research states that notes taking is a valuable skill which improves comprehension and summarizing. That’s not all, it even improves your capacity to organize and brainstorm ideas. So, as you can see, note-taking is really beneficial and combining it with technology boosts overall performance, be it in college or at your workplace. All you need is a tablet like an iPad along with a stylus and you are all set!