Teaching & Presenting with Ease with Noteshelf

Pointing out some notes in a lecture on a white screen requires a laser pointer, a mouse pointer (which seems pointless, pardon the pun) or the professor walking over and literally pointing out the material. In all aspects, it seems the most natural approach, especially the last one, but what if you want to circle out some words and add some notes in your lecture without getting up from your seat?

Simple, just use Noteshelf.

Open up your lecture notes in Noteshelf by importing it via your email, Dropbox, Google Drive or Evernote account. Connect your iPad to a projector and voila! Instant whiteboard, metaphorically speaking.

With Noteshelf, you can practically make notes on the white screen without having to get up from your seat. You can choose your highlighters and pens and even change the colours if needed.

Your students can focus more on the lecture rather than looking at you, writing in front of the white screen. Just a cool tip from Noteshelf.