Noteshelf partners with Livescribe

Noteshelf now supports Livescribe 3 smartpen, a technology that offers a real life notebook writing experience that lets you sync everything you write on paper, directly onto your iPad.

Livescribe offers an authentic ink-on-paper intuitiveness, letting users write with a pen on a physical notebook, following a long standing writing method. Partnering up with Noteshelf provides an easier way of handling notes digitally, making it easy to edit over written notes and share them through different means.

Handwritten notes are converted into a digital format for accessing via Noteshelf. Writings, drawings, diagrams and more are spontaneously seen on one’s iPad and are imported to Noteshelf. You can be secure in the fact that all your notes and sketches done using Livescribe 3 smartpen+dot paper are safe and sound within Noteshelf.

Livescribe 3 smartpen with Noteshelf plays on the best of both the digital and traditional worlds of note taking. Livescribe helps people to maximise the use of their iPads while combining the traditional comfort of writing on a paper. Using Noteshelf will provide users the digital power to capture notes, backup and share it via their computers, using the same sharing/synching options that are readily available such as Email, AirTransfer, Evernote, Dropbox and more.

About Fluid Touch

Fluid Touch is a small passionate team of developers, designers and marketers that has built stunning applications for Apple iPad.

Fluid Touch was officially founded in 2009 and have been enjoying continued success on the App Store with its two products, Notehshelf and Daily Notes.