Italian Rolls Royce Manager on Noteshelf

Pasquale DE LUCA is  a Governance Manager of one of Rolls-Royce acquisitions. He's also a recent Wacom stylus winners from our Best Note Taking Contest. Here's a little chat with him about Noteshelf.

Tell us your background.

I live in Italy, Campania Region (in the South) in a small city called Lioni in Avellino Provence. I’m the Governance Manager (HSE) in EMA (a part of Rolls-Royce Group that produces blade for aeronautical and industrial turbines.

I'm into technology, cooking, photos, travel, drawing and many more. :)

How did you discover Noteshelf?

I discovered Noteshelf when talking with a colleague that has used the app to draw electronic circuit.

What made you choose Noteshelf for your note taking needs? What are its 
top 3 best features?

The choice for Noteshelf was established when I tried all the apps on App Store. Finally I have found the best (Noteshelf).

The top 3 best features is (1) natural writing feel -  it's almost as if I'm writing using a classic ink pen  (2) impressive drawing possibilities  and  (3) I can easily use it for work.

What kind of notes do you usually have in Noteshelf?

My notes are usually for Work Modules, Project Notes, Meeting Notes, Technical Drawings and simple art drawings.

How would you recommend Noteshelf to a friend or colleague?

Just see how I can quickly write on the app. Now, I have 4 colleagues that uses Noteshelf for work instead of Apple Apps (pages or other).