Indonesian Artist’s Take on Noteshelf

Samuel Putra Prasetya is one of our Best Note Taking Contest winners of a Wacom stylus, from Bali, Indonesia. Read on about his pursuits, love of sketching and using Noteshelf.

1.) Tell us your background.

I am a worker. I  work with my dad in photocopy business. I love to draw something and making a drawing note. I live in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia.

2.) How did you discover Noteshelf?

First time I buy iPad, I searched what application can write something like a normal note. Search took quite last…I found Noteshelf from AppAdvice.

3.) What made you choose Noteshelf for your note taking needs? What are its top 3 best features?

First, Zoom - this is the only reason I choose noteshelf from the first time. Second, Noteshelf has the smoothest handwriting. Third, Noteshelf can write in PDF, it’s very useful. And oh,the newest update is very useful to now I can easily erase or edit a picture. I use a lot of picture from google in my note so before the update, I was careful to place and write on a picture. So thanks for the update Noteshelf, hehe.

4.) What kind of notes do you usually have in Noteshelf?

I'm always listening to sermons, maybe 3-4 times a week. So I have so many notes about that. When I design brochure, flyer, etc., I always use Noteshelf to make a draft.

5.) Can you tell us more about your winning entry. What made you choose it as one of your best notes?

I always want to make eye-catching notes. I have this close friend who takes awesome handwritten notes. It’s so freaking awesome, even the art lecturer wants to use his notebook to become a study material for the other students. So I was inspired by my friend, I also want to write great looking notes. I want people to be amazed by it and say "Wow, this is an awesome style to write a note...."

And that note which won the competition is the closest to his note.

6.) How would you recommend Noteshelf to a friend or colleague?

When I see my friends using an iPad, I always recommend this app. For me,  Noteshelf is essential for iPad users. This is one of the most important apps that I have, my iPad can get lost but not Noteshelf, I have so many notes in it!

People always see me writing something using my stylus. They always find it interesting when I’m writing on Noteshelf. They don’t know that you can write on an iPad using a stylus, so they really find it amazing.

One day in church, when I wrote my sermon, a woman beside me asked what’s the app I’m using. I let her try to write something with my stylus in Noteshelf. She got so excited and so amazed when she saw and felt how smooth the handwriting was.