Get More Space, Easily Backup and Share your Notes in Noteshelf

Your notebooks taking up too much space? Looking for a way to have a backup of your whole database the easy way? Keen on sharing notebooks with friends and loved ones? Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Just in case you missed it, Noteshelf has a feature that enables you to backup, archive and share notebooks via your computer, wirelessly. We call it the Air Transfer. Which we call dibs on it, by the way.

Just tap on the gear icon on your main shelf and tap on Air Transfer Backup/Restore. Type in the provided link on your Mac or PC browser and you will instantly see an archive of your entire database. 

Get more space. 
You can just archive notebooks you hardly use using Air Transfer. Download those notebooks and archive them in your computer for easy retrieval. Place them in a folder in your computer and label them accordingly. You can restore it on Noteshelf by just clicking on the “Restore Notebook” button and choosing the file. (A single notebook’s filename extension is .nbk). 

Have a backup of your notebooks. 
For an entire backup of your database, you can just click on “Download Database” and you’ll have all your notebooks safe and sound in your computer for security and safety purposes. Just be careful though when you want to restore your backup data. Clicking on “Restore from Backup” and selecting the entire database (with filename extension .ndb) will replace all the contents of all your new notebooks, overriding your current database and it cannot be undone. So take caution when you want to restore a backup of your entire database.

Restore/Share Notebooks
If you want to restore/reinstate an independent notebook back to your iPad from your computer, pl tap on ‘Restore notebook’ or on 'Restore from Backup’ tab to restore entire database (if you want to share your notebooks or database with your friends, please access the URL provided on their iPad’s AirTransfer screen with your computer at this step, under the same network).

It will take you to another screen on your computer where you can tap on 'Browse’ and select the required notebook or data file from your computer’s downloads’ folder and tap on GO. You now have these back onto your iPad/your friend’s iPad.

You can also save the notebooks (with filename extension .nbk) on your computer and share it via Email, Dropbox, Evernote and more.

We recommend you also to download notebooks entire database before doing any iOS and data upgrades.
Archive, Backup and Share files via Air Transfer. Try it out and let us know what you think.