Get More Space for your Notes: Turn to Landscape Mode

Prefer to write in a landscape mode? Writing in that way actually gives you that feeling of a two page spread, giving you more space to take down notes and even draw and doodle on the side.

It’s easy to set it up in Noteshelf. It’s actually better to set it up first if you really want to lock your writing mode in landscape. 

Set up in New Notebooks. Create a new notebook then choose the landscape paper option and from here on, no matter how you turn your iPad, you won’t see any changes in the landscape mode of the paper or even the toolbar.

Set up in Existing Notebooks. For your available notebooks, it will be an entirely different process but still an easy one at that. We know that you’ll always have that urge to turn your iPad and write in a landscape mode in the middle of taking down notes, which would look like this:

You can just actually do that but to maximise the available space, you can change the orientation by tapping on the gear icon in the notebook toolbar. 

Tap on the Orientation Settings then lock it either in Landscape Spine Up and Spine Down. Spine Up means the spine of the notebook is facing upwards and vice versa for Spine Down. You would need to close and re-open the said your selected notebook for the changes in the orientation setting to take effect.

After re-opening the notebook, tap again on the gear icon, tap Choose Paper and select either Landscape Ruled or Landscape Wide Ruled. You can opt to apply the Landscape Paper option to all the pages of your selected notebook. You can also select to apply it to only one pageor to one page and the future default.

Remember also to set up the Writing Mode as well after for a more comfortable writing pace. We’ll discuss Left-Handed Mode and other Writing Styles next time so you can fully utilise Noteshelf and its various Writing Styles and Orientation Modes.

What kind of orientation mode do you prefer, landscape or portrait? Let us know your thoughts/feedbacks.